Working for the People

To further the causes of a great community. To educate the voters. To foster communication between the people and the

governing body. To bring forth the message of the democratic party.


Support Our Candidates

Re-Elect Councilwoman Donna Spoto

and Councilman Bernard Fontana


A little background information...

Each municipality within a county is split up into voting districts. Voting districts are the smallest division and contain only a few hundred residents each. In the Primary Election of every even-numbered year (e.g. June 2006), Democratic voters in each voting district choose a County Committee Man and Woman to represent them in the County party organization. The County Committee people within each municipality select a Municipal Chair and Vice Chair. All the County Committee people within a particular county elect the County Chair and Vice Chair.

County Committee members have multiple roles. They represent their district and also serve as delegates to the annual County Convention, where endorsement votes are held for County, State and National offices. Endorsement of local candidates is up to each municipal committee. Endorsed candidates get to run "in the column" with the Regular Democratic Organization on the Primary ballot.



Cliffside Park Democratic Committee