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Mayor Gerald Calabrese Mayor Gerald Calabrese

Say “Mayor Calabrese” and people automatically think of Cliffside Park.  Gerry is currently the longest serving Mayor in the State of New Jersey and with good reason. Under his tenure the town has enjoyed unprecedented growth.  Gerry is well-known for his ability to garner grants and federal monies to make improvements to the community without costing taxpayers money. This policy started years ago when the town built its current Borough Hall on Palisade Avenue.  The public library, which was formerly housed in the basement of Number Three School, was also built.  We were one of the first communities to build senior citizen housing with federal grants.  This policy continues today as the town is about to embark on a major redevelopment program on Anderson Avenue.  Willing to forgo “home rule” the Borough of Cliffside Park is building a joint DPW facility with Fairview.  These two communities are the first in the state to undertake such an endeavor.  The foresight to do this will save the taxpayers untold dollars as a new facility was desperately needed.  By vacating the property the DPW currently sits on, the town made available for development valuable land which will now go on the tax rolls.

Gerry  was inducted into St. John’s Athletic Hall of Fame for his years on the basketball team.  He is a former professional basketball player for the Syracuse Nationals.  Gerry served in the Navy  and is a member of the American Legion Post 126 as well as the Veterans of Foreign Wars and the AmVets.  He is a member of the Cliffside Park Elk’s Club and the Men’s Club.

A parishioner of Epiphany Church, Gerry resides on Esplanade Place with his wife, Marion.

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