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Mayor Gerald Calabrese Councilwoman Donna Spoto

A lifelong resident of Cliffside Park, Donna (nee Haroldson) Spoto devoted much of her young adult years serving on various committees to help the community.   She then went on to the Borough Council and is seeking her 8th term to the council. Serving as finance chair of the borough, Donna has worked hand-in-hand with department heads to keep spending under control. Our sound financial status has earned the borough a AA bond rating from Standard and Poors. Donna also serves as the chair of historical events and public celebrations as well as the legal department. A teacher in the Cliffside Park school system she is very involved with the youth of the community.

Donna resides on Oakdene Avenue with her husband, Sal, and their son, Steven. Their other children, Sal and Annie, are both graduates of Cliffside Park High School. They are parishioners of Our Lady of Grace Church, Fairview.

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